Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

2 stars for the concept. Linking all those mini games was cool.

BUT! I couldn't proceed past four games. NEVER in my life have I been nauseated by games - it used to make me laugh that people would get vertigo and what not playing games, but this affected me. All the colours, flashing and constant shaking was just too much. I think it's possible people would be reeling (maybe even hurling) from the sensory overload.

Great concept, I'd like to see this again but minus the nauseating visuals.

Fun, but a little confusing at times, and the Breakout paddle's collision was a little off - didn't deflect the ball at the right angle when it hit on the middle-right.

i love the retro games, but it buurns!

WTF did i just play it was like kittens throwing up rainbows strait into my eyes

I think I developed epilepsi. But not the bad kind. Good game. MY EYES >.<