Reviews for "Chunkadelic"



I recognized Mario Brothers, Winter Games, Mega Man, Duck Hunt, Nibbles, Asteroids, Galaga, Moon Patrol, Breakout, but I'm really most impressed about NetHack. I didn't even know that anyone other than me plays NetHack!

.. though, at no point did one of the enemies instakill me with a Wand of Death. So, I guess it wasn't so much like NetHack at all. :)

Pretty good but...
The rouge-like RPG-ish game could be way to easy at times(all the enemies spawned at one area once) but my biggest complaint is theirs to much going on sometimes it really comes into play in the break out game where i couldent see the ball over the background all-in-all it was quite addicting and fun

this game= awesome. The retro games gave an epic experience and the colors and sounds remind you of a rave. Its like if the cool high school dropout at an 80's arcade gave everyone acid. My only problem is there isn't enough games for max replay value

Drazzke responds:

Hahaha thanks for the awesome description :D
Yeah, it would have been fun to add more games, but we were rushed to even get 9 in.

The music reminds me of Daft Punk! Awesome!