Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

Good game I had alot of fun with it. The only problems I saw were that the waves seemed a bit to long and that the zombies didn't drop ammo often enough. 4/5

Funny and indeed quite balanced. Still the ammo thing was annoying me. At least give us the opportunity to buy ammo in the weapon shop. It's really annoying if you have to wait for it to drop. I somehow liked the first game a little more.

I only have 2 issues with this game. The first is how you couldn't buy ammo. the ideal situation is if you could buy ammo and if it ALSO dropped by killing zombies during the fight. Or another option, make the weapons less expensive. It really sucks when you run out of ammo for the guns you invested thousands of dollars in, and have no alternative besides pistols. If you had more guns to choose from, ammo wouldn't be quite so much of a problem, but can still be a factor.

Speaking of no alternate guns, my other issue was that you couldn't go back and redo old waves so you could farm for better weapons. Waves 13 and 14 seriously kicked my ass, and I could only afford 1 gun to test to see if it would make a difference, and would have to retest and retest and retest and...
But after 13 and 14, the final boss was amazingly easy. The boss doesn't do direct damage to your health, and only chucks wimpy zombies at you, which if you ignore your partner can handle.

But other than that, the game was fun when it was easy and, while infuriating, addictive when it was hard, as long as you aren't the type to easily rage-quit!

Great game, I love it. The grapics are awesome and a great gameplay.

I think this game is really good. But as I've said about games all over the internet, I've yet to play a perfect game, so this game does have its gripes. The main problem, well, actually, the ONLY problem, is that it needs graphical settings. Why? Because the frame-rate is pretty dodgy. But otherwise, it's just damn good. Damn damn good good damn good damn damn... good.