Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

Loved it!!! The only real bummer is that it's relatively short, some similar games I could play intermittently for days till completion...
The coop shooter seems unable to properly use any of the weapons with which it has an initial skill level of 1. I was in about mid-game when I tried that, and always was defeated. Intentional?
Liked the variety of enemies, the achievements, tips when I got defeated... and the ability to change weapons for the coop shooter as well. Might have been nice to be able to buy ammo, but then again, this might have also harmed the "manage with what you've got" challenge.

leonardozimbres responds:

Looks like I should put all of this in a more clear manner. Sorry for that.
The secret is that the blue cat, Zanardi, uses better the shotgun, assault rifle, lmg. Liza, the red cat, uses better the smg, h.c. rifles, and the grenade laucher.

I think the explosions are from metal slug,also when you damage zombies it sounds like if you slash an enemy in Metal slug,am i right?

would make a furry joke but ima just keep it tucked away lol

the game does go for the old school defence kind of game BUT better graphics on the weapons and high detail the facial expressions N`such * I cant say I know shit on graphics design *

any way GREAT GAME love playing it - dj jetblue

great game but next time make a madness zombies

leonardozimbres responds:

Madness Zombies? Like what?

Funny game and an awesome music :33