Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

Very fun, challenging and godlike weapons. GREAT GAME :3

I have played this 7 times and have yet to get a tir 6 weapon. There just isnt enough loot off the dead zombies to get em. I definantly cant hold on to it and wait for later rounds for enough cash because the zombies will kick my rear end into stonerdome before than. And let me tell ya, this game is a hardcore step up from the first one you released. Guns going dry, not the right type of gun for the zombie, partner not skilled enough. Its the apocolypse alright. Very challenging, very fun. I guess my apocolypse is not getting my favorite endgame guns.

Dude, this is an amazing game with a very good challenging dificult, music and Co-Op Ai
maybe the next time, can you add the ability to buy ammo

But for some reasons, the music and armored bosses reminds me the Metal Slug series

AMAZING game, very addicting.
Also, the buy below me is my new best internet friend :)

great game need to create some background on your character