Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

I realy don't get it, if you shoot a zombie...
hes dead?!

I had my fun playing this game. I was not able to buy the top class guns, the money were not enough.
I killed the platform with other weapons. I think the game should be longer... with at last 2 levels more and to allow the player to play after the game is over :-)

great game love the concept. and it made things more difficult with the ammo because it made you think of what to use and how and when to use it. i for one at one point figgured out to use a rifel and a machine gun for most of the game and your partner should have the granade launcher at the higher level and an smg awsome for what is needed to go through this gme eaily for me. hope to see another one of your works soon

The game is really fun, but i can't give it more than two stars until the money problem gets fixed. it really cripples the game. maybe provide less money per round and allow the player to keep that money despite dying during a level so that the player can then buy better guns and progress.

Funny and indeed quite balanced. Still the ammo thing was annoying me. At least give us the opportunity to buy ammo in the weapon shop. It's really annoying if you have to wait for it to drop. I somehow liked the first game a little more.