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Reviews for "Adventures of Dr. Lawyer"

I need to make a hat out of this movie untill cows come out of clown cars.But i think it was just as ordinary as a pig gourmet puking out cd's of diablo 3 with offline servers while riding a 8 legged zebra while holding a baseball bat which likes to eat bad animators that is how ordinary and cliche this was now if you will excuse me i need to eat my chess playing beard

...sure! Why not, right? The only real problem I have with it is that I feel like it needs quicker cuts and it needs to feel a bit faster. That doesn't mean shorter, but maybe a feeling of of pure "what?" ya know? well, ill be on the lookout for the next one! :D

hahaha! made me laugh a lot, great video i like your style, and the animation can be improved to make it go more smoothly, but keep working i'll like to watch the next episodes :P

WTF did I just watch!?
What ever it was it was quite funny and interlining, The only problem with it was it was to long, breaking up the episode would have fixed that but other than that the hole thing fit together fantastically in a wearied straitjacket kind of way!

This looks to be a hilarious series.
I just hope it isn't canceled.