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Reviews for "Adventures of Dr. Lawyer"

what did I just watch?

this is wonderful. it's been ages since i saw this good old randomness. it's ben ages since anyone had the sheer wakiness to do something so brilliantly random. i congradulate you sir for your sheer sillyness.

Finally, we see a random video on Newgrounds that actually uses original and funny random-humor. The crazy and weird stuff that happens is actually comical and not just shouting and yelling weird things that isn't even funny and has been used a million times.

Thanks man, you did alright.

I don't know exactly what it means to say this, but I feel I should say it, "I laughed proper"
Really well done random comedy, the beginning almost turned me off a bit, and then the jump around dialouge caught on and eventually I found myself favoriting this video to show to friends later. Also I wrote a review.