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Reviews for "Adventures of Dr. Lawyer"

so boring... most not fall asleep... zzzzzzz

I anticipate this series will be very entertaining once he gets better at voice acting.

This was awesome, I literally laughed the entire way through, the oddball spazziness of it is just amazing. The sound did detract from it a little bit but not many of these videos on here make me laugh like this one so that makes up for it :D keep up the good work mate/ ,,!/(^.^)\!,,


Audio: (7.5/10)
Don't get me wrong on the rating, the voice acting was fantastic and the voices fit the characters very well. I just think the audio quality could have been better, and there is also some audio lag as well, but that can easily be fixed, other then that, splendid audio.

Animation: (10/10)
I loved the animation style for this, I felt like it fit in with the story. The story was random and funny, it was also pretty long animation, which I feel is the best kind of animation because that's how you know you put lots of effort into the animation. This was a funny animation that kept me smiling and laughing the whole time.

Overall: (8/10)
The voices for the audio matched the characters well, the voice acting was really good. The only issue I really had with this animation is the quality of the audio and the audio lag. The animation was amazing, it fit in with the story very well. The story itself was funny and original. Personally, this is my favorite animation so far. Amazing.

It was good. but next time make sure there isn't audio lag.