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Reviews for "Adventures of Dr. Lawyer"

I had to stop watching it because it was not funny and i was getting a headache........

I really liked it for its nonsensical humor but the syncing was a bit off but none the less I liked it.

Your voice acting was shakey, better than a lot of stuff I have seen, but still needs some work. Your animation was fine. Others may say that it wasn't good, but the thing with animation is that everyone develops their own style. Look at egoraptor's "_____ awesome" stuff. The animation doesn't look great but it helps express the chaotic mood of the peice and I felt your animation was the same way. As for the jokes, some were good, I liked the "it's defiantly lupus" one, but the follow up of hitting them with ham was a bit to random for me. Being random can be good, but it has to be somewhat grounded otherwise it just goes right by the person watching your video. To sum up: Room for improvement, but also a lot of potential. If you read this far, thanks, hope something in here helped.

IDontKnowCorp responds:

Appreciate the time you took to write all this, I've been working a lot lately on just getting better at drawing more consistently and toning down the roughness of it.

On the unfettered randomness, we're definitely reining that in a bit on future episodes, it just got a little problematic while writing this because we had to introduce a large number of characters (most of whom are, indeed, "a little out there.")

The animation and art was a little rough, but I really think this series has potential to be something awesome. You have a really quirky style of humor.

Though your audio needs to be fixed, not necessarily the quality of it but a lot of lines kept cutting out before they were finished, and I noticed some syncing problems.

Anyway, nice job. Looking forward to more of your stuff.

Huh? Indeed my son...