Reviews for "Don't Push the Button"

Hey, nice idea to enlarge the sreen and therefore the world at each button pushed!

i request checkpoints like all the other people! this is a good game just add checkpoints! by the way, was this made for ludumdare 23: a tiny world?

amidos2006 responds:

yes it was made :) sorry for the lake of updates but I am really busy those days :(

Pretty nice game acctually, 4 things:

1st- The title doesn't make much sense.
2nd- You should add a little more sound.
3rd- Add some checkpoints, like per 3/4 buttons 1 checkpoint.
4th- In the 5th button it just gets TOO small... Figure that out.

It's a pretty good game!!

If you want, it would also be nice some adverts, you win money!


amidos2006 responds:

thnx :) and about the title it has some how deeper meaning for me :) which means that people always tell u dont do something its safer to not do that but when u do that u found some rewards and better thing but at same time its harder to get and the warning are real but sometimes u know u can complete that and get the reward and some how u can get depressed and surrender (die) Hope it now makes sense

I know its so small as it was made for LudumDare 23 TinyWorld theme :)

Thnx for the feedback :)

well... its diferent

Okay, but you're saying jump over the button, when you should be jumping ON the button.