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Reviews for "Don't Push the Button"

Checkpoint systems are awesome.
Therefore, no absolute, pure, amazing awesomeness until checkpoints are involved.
Until then, this game is slightly above average.
Why is it that you have no checkpoint system?

amidos2006 responds:

becz I think to restart from the start deliver my idea about why Don't Push the button more may be I shall do it for u :)

Excellent game. A bit too easy. Takes a try or two to get used to. A few coins are harder to get, bet complete victory is possible. It gives the player a chance to expand their strategies.

i lik

this is hard !

Excellent game. Poor presentation.

By this, I mean that the gameplay is pretty good and thoroughly planned out. Each press of the button introduces a new gameplay element, and each encounter with these obstacles steadily increases the difficulty of timing your jumps. The controls work fine, and while they may be difficult to get used to, adapting is simply another part of the game's challenge.

However, the presentation of the game is what drives this game downhill. No story is apparent, and there is no goal other than pressing the next button and getting the gold. From your description, though, it appears that you're trying to tell the story through the gameplay, and upon completion you'll tell us everything, or enough at least, of what the game is about. The problem with this is that you've mixed two extremely volatile elements together: "hardcore" gameplay and artful storytelling. The only way to understand the story is to get to the end, and the only way to get to the end is through an unforgiving gauntlet which puts you all the way back to the start upon death.

I understand that you want to keep the reasons behind the story and the goal to find gold a secret until the end, but it has hurt your score because not everyone is willing to complete a game that is really unforgiving of their mistakes. They want to feel as if they've made progress, and sending them all the way back to start prevents that. In addition, the camera becomes a problem in the later levels. I've only reached the level where the lasers disintegrate the green platforms, but at that stage, it becomes slightly ridiculous when your character becomes a speck on the screen.

Overall, I like this game. I think you could have done a lot better if you had more thoroughly explained the story and difficulty of the game: Many people prefer to know what they're getting into before playing! This game has potential, but it fails to be understood, which really hurts its score.

I hope your game does better over time, and I hope to see more from you in the future!


amidos2006 responds:

That's really a very nice critic and I appreciate it :) this game was made for LudumDare48 and it was done in one day only as the second day I was at work most of the day :) so its my bad I didn't try to fix all bad point of the game but really that was a very nice review :)