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Reviews for "Don't Push the Button"

Pretty nice game acctually, 4 things:

1st- The title doesn't make much sense.
2nd- You should add a little more sound.
3rd- Add some checkpoints, like per 3/4 buttons 1 checkpoint.
4th- In the 5th button it just gets TOO small... Figure that out.

It's a pretty good game!!

If you want, it would also be nice some adverts, you win money!


amidos2006 responds:

thnx :) and about the title it has some how deeper meaning for me :) which means that people always tell u dont do something its safer to not do that but when u do that u found some rewards and better thing but at same time its harder to get and the warning are real but sometimes u know u can complete that and get the reward and some how u can get depressed and surrender (die) Hope it now makes sense

I know its so small as it was made for LudumDare 23 TinyWorld theme :)

Thnx for the feedback :)

Boy do I miss checkpoints... I mean I get the whole consequences of pushing the buttons thing, but wow... Once it opened up to spikes, it was REALLY hard... especially because of how fast the little guy moves. Maybe tone his movement down a bit.

Okay, but you're saying jump over the button, when you should be jumping ON the button.

twas ok. checkpoints would have been nice.

how do i progress? it tells me not to press the button but there is nothing to do(controls and grapics are amazing tho)

amidos2006 responds:

It's up to you