Reviews for "Don't Push the Button"

Checkpoint systems are awesome.
Therefore, no absolute, pure, amazing awesomeness until checkpoints are involved.
Until then, this game is slightly above average.
Why is it that you have no checkpoint system?

amidos2006 responds:

becz I think to restart from the start deliver my idea about why Don't Push the button more may be I shall do it for u :)

Hey, nice idea to enlarge the sreen and therefore the world at each button pushed!

Pretty good and challenging. PUT SOME CHECKPOINTS NEXT TIME!

I loved the game and the ideas that you had going on, but it got freaking annoying whenever you had to restart from the beginning when you die. Tell you what; You fix that and I'll add this to my favorites, (it's a really good game) deal?

amidos2006 responds:

I will try to fix that :)

i request checkpoints like all the other people! this is a good game just add checkpoints! by the way, was this made for ludumdare 23: a tiny world?

amidos2006 responds:

yes it was made :) sorry for the lake of updates but I am really busy those days :(