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Reviews for "Kid Sickofthis"

Well I expected a lot more to happen. All-in-all I generally liked the animation, it was executed nicely. I liked the frame-by-frame parts, not so much the tweens, however I can say that the tweens were done well, for what they were, anyway. Voice acting was really good, probably close to phenomenal.

The problem was, there wasn't enough content in it. It was too short. Plus I didn't really find it funny in the slightest. Good execution, though.

Wonchop responds:

I don't understand why so many people have issues with how short it is. My general feel is, if you're going to waste someone's time with something they may or may not enjoy, best not to waste too much of it.


Lol, this was hilarious.

I never played the original games or any of them. I really loved the animation in this. It's just great to see such high quality and contrasting styles. I really liked how the woman with green hair seemed to have a much more cartoonish design than Pitt has. Some people (like the creators of "Captain N: The Game Master") don't even know that Icarus is not the name of the main character. It was a bit hard to get some of the joke, but still really good.

I especially liked how everything had such vibrant colors to it. I appreciated all the goofy voices. It seems like it's been awhile since I've heard of SonicRocksMySocks. It's always great to see old friends. It's fairly short, but fun.

Lmao,That wuz funny.