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Reviews for "Kid Sickofthis"

it was weird and funny.

This makes me want to play Uprising even more for some reason...

Why cant i watch this? the screen to big to show the Play button so i cant watch this. can you fix this?

Hilarious and to the point. Screw Nintendo for barfing out the same games over and over again. They have no mind for ingenuity.

You can't really use not owning a NES as an excuse, since they've re-released it multiple times at this point. I'm sure most of the people who purchase Uprising never played it on the NES, but rather on the Wii as a Virtual Console title from the Shop channel. And even if you're one of the few who didn't download it after playing Brawl or hearing about and becoming interested in Uprising, you could even get a free copy of the new 3D version of the original game just for pre-ordering the new one.