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Reviews for "Kid Sickofthis"

I Found it well Animated, and The goddess Voice was very good, have to say Noooo on pit's "Im so 80s it hurts" surfer Voice. and at the end, he shoulda yelled "Biiiiitttccchhhhh" as he fell

Dude, I grew up with the fucking Atari. I loved this. The animation was good and the humor was hysterical. I remember people getting into fights at school about which system was better. It brings back memories. To the guy below me, Pit says, he owned a master system. The sega version of the NES.

Well. this was short but the voice work is very good, unfortunately I could not understand what PiT said in the very end before the last plot line, I am sorry, but what he said exactly?

I'm sorry, but the punchline...
Yeah, it was a good idea, but the delivery of the joke could've been improved. Good concept, sub-standard delivery.

Low how as kid falls he screams "Wohh!!!!"