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Reviews for "Kid Sickofthis"

Mildly funny. Good voiceover for the female but Pit could of used a less "super-puberty voiced teenager" deep voice kind of thing.

Wonchop responds:

That was probably mostly my fault, as I only direction I gave Kylee was based on my crappy original recording. Where I also sounded pretty dudish.

Eh, okay I guess. The joke's sorta bad. She's basicly telling Pit about the enemies, which almost has nothing to do with the storyline. Art is pretty good, voices good too. ALl that's bad is the joke. Other than that, it's okay.

the animaton is pretty good. but the jokes were... meh

it's kinda funny. The art was nice, but I don't think I heard something clearly, what did pit say at the end again?

You know there was a second Kid Icarus game on Gameboy? The story takes place after that one not the NES version.

Wonchop responds:

Next you'll be saying there was a Metroid 2.