Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

Ah, if only this was a real game. It'd instantly be my favorite, just for the character creation alone.

Yet another great installation of the T.O.M.E. universe. I like the fact that while this isn't another episode, it still engages the watcher by filling in some of the blanks we have watching the actual episodes. I especially like how the whole thing is engineered to be a tutorial for "new players" in T.O.M.E.

amazing ay whana play this now :D

This very comprehensive the information of the game, though presumably there are more rules or not knowing any secrets in it.
Just need to know, if just for a language..

Sweet chipwich, this is just what the doctor ordered, Kirb! This really helps straighten a few things out, too, like how the hell the combat is balanced with that much customization. Also, I'm thinking you just outlined the perfect MMO setup.
On an unrelated note, I always thought there would be four areas for some reason. I guess it just looked that way to me on the map.