Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

I would love to have a character in TOME lol. Great Job Kirbo. If you are looking for another character. I have one in mind. Either way great job all of you.

Fun fact: Something like this could actually exist in the near future.

Sound crazy? Well, a way to bypass the spinal cord and interpret/create nerve impulses from/to the brain with machines has already been created and has been used in a prosthetic arm that can actually 'feel' what it touches. This kind of system could be made cheaper by having the signals not come from a physical source, but a program like, say, a videogame.

Imagine if you combined that with an oculus rift and a microphone, you'd basically have a sword-art-online style setup, complete with being able to physically FEEL the game. Now imagine that combined with a game like T.O.M.E., S.A.O., .HACK, or another similar idea.

Yeah, it'd be pretty damn sweet.

I have enjoyed these episodes of TOME. I hope that one day it becomes something more than an animation; perhaps one day becoming a game. I love you work on this Kirbopher. I would also like to say thank you to Heilos, Wolfmercenary, and foolishcharacter.

This is awesome!
It gives me a greater and better understanding of how TOME works!
THis is by far my favorite series online.
I just wish this was a real game
Also, I spend my spare time designing my own TOME character.

OMG it makes it sound so real I wish it was a game