Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"


This would be my character...

Username: Dark Lord Ultimus\

Class: Dark Warrior

Power: Darkness


Dark wave - A wave of whole darkness and all that is unholy

Skull Beserk - A beam of wich is made up of skulls and fire. Special Effect: If successfully hit, raises Attack by 5

Dark Blow - User's weapon gets covered in dark fire and goes in for a devastating attack. Special effect: This attack does 150% more damage than a basic attack

Dark Pryo Upheave - The enemy gets surrounded with dark fire that burns them

Dark Shield - Boosts Defense by 50%

Base stats:
HP: 95 +5 per level
ATK: 105 +5 per level
DEF: 55 +5 per level
SPEC: 85 +5 per level
SPD: 70 +2 per level
ACC: 95 +5 per level


Dark sword: ATK +50, DEF +25
Dark Overlord's Armor: DEF +10
Demon Cloak: HP +10
Nightmare Helm: DEF +5

Main stats:
ATK (attack)

Excludes most, VERY agressive, lives to fight, hates all who dare defy him, serves his mysterious lord..

I'll draw most of the equipment but it'll take a while check my page to see if its done!

Username: PegalooChilla
Class: Animalistic/Swordsman
Power: Weather
Apperance (im gonna draw it),
Skills: Tornado, lightningbolt, lightning fly, lightning wheel (turns into a ball of lightning) flying kick/punch, crack shell (rases defence by 30 but takes a while to crack open) orion sheild vulcan fist

awesome i want character....

Username: Travisnater
Appearance: Shaggy brown hair, Baggy purple shirt w/ yellow knight cross, Baggy blue jeans, Grey shoes, black glove with curcuit board stuff on it, green eyes, pale skin
Class: mechanical
power: technological

Curcuit Blast: A beam of energy w/ curcuit board stuff on it. Special Effect: Provides a light source
8-bit Defence: will cause mini 8-bit guards that look like user to protect user for X # of hits.
Binary Override: gives invulnerability and increased an increased ATK, ACC, and SPD stat. Special Effect: makes green aura with 0s and 1s appear + light source
/ID: gives a ID of the player + skills, stats, and total EXP

Skills info
Curcuit Blast: 1 lvl = 3 DMG Max 9999
8-bit Defence: 1hit per 5lvls Max 8
Binary Override: length of skill 1 second per 3lvls Max 30 sec ATK SPD ACC increase 1 per lvl Max 20
/ID: new stat id'd per 10lvls lvl1: Class and lvl, lvl10: Power, lvl20: 1skill, lvl30: 2skills, lvl40: 3skills, lvl50: all skills, lvl60: All Stats, lvl70: Total EXP and kill count, lvl80: ability to store stats in STAT INDEX.

Base stats
HP: 70 +3 per level
ATK: 87 +2 per level
DEF: 76 +5 per level
SPEC: 99 +1 per level
SPD: 80 +2 per level
ACC: 100 +1 per level

Training: killing training grunts, PvP, Starman style grunt grinding

Tech glove + 10 SPEC
Invisible targeter + 13 ACC
Purple leather + 4 DEF
Blue Karate pants + 7 SPD
Steel Shoes + 6 ATK

Main stats
special (SPEC)
accuracy (ACC)

Fun, out going, ready to go, loves to fight, ready for most anything, doesn't like hackery, plays fair, would kill for a dr pepper.

Sometimes does use a hack (Data_Redo.exe) to humiliate certain hackers. i.e. changes a name to something humiliating like MonkeyScat_96

=D This would be awesome if it was real! I just wanted to make up my own character so much :D.


Alpha roar (Stuns enemy for a while, can only be used once per battle)
Beta form (Turn into a full powered were-wolf for a limited time)
Omega heal (Regenerate some hit points)
Delta leap (Jump high into the air and smash into the enemy at high speeds)

Skills info
*Alpha roar: stuns enemy for .5secXlvl. Max is 7 seconds.
*Beta form: Lasts for 5secXlvl. Max is 1 minute.
*Omega heal: Heal 15 hp. +15 hp every 3 levels.
*Delta leap: Leaps 5 meters into the air. Every 10 lvls gains more speed+able to use claws for extra damage at lvl 30.

Main Stats:

No hacks/cheats. Grinding on multiple enemies at once.

Cyclone Claws (Wind), Darkness Teeth(Dark), Light Armor (Metal) and Yang Necklace (Spirit).

Happy-go-lucky. Extremely into role play. Humorous. Playful. Enjoys fighting. Strong willed.

Tall, brown fur, yellow eyes, flat nose, high heeled feet, spiral tail, tall ears.

So yeah. It would be funny if this guy got used. :P