Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

you realy should check out for scripters!
It migth be the next big thing.

Now TOME sounds like a really amazing game.
I would definatly want to play it if it was real.
In any case, I'm still looking forward to the next episode!!!!!!!!
So keep up the good work Kirb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it would be awesome if this game was real.

I can now understand why it took you so long to make this fourth episode! You are making something else to go with it. It makes me realize how gorgeous everything looks now that it's not in sprite form. I'm not trying to discredit that of course. It does seem that more and more people are not using sprites anymore. This was great to see, simply because of how it explains everything so well.

I guess you just nixed the "TV" part of the website and are now just at "Tome". It was weird to see a cartoon that didn't have any of those great websites. The animation is of course as great as ever. This really does show that you can work with any new kind of thing. You're on fire, old friend!

We need this game!