Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "

to me this master piece is amazing but i do think that this should have been rated "M" instead of "T"

There are not enough words to describe this.

Also, I wouldn't mind the soundtrack if there is one.
At least the song of when he was being chased by security.

I also feel you could make a full length movie off of this. Perhaps something to look/think about.

I have been watching videos on Newgrounds for a couple hours. This is the best one yet. It's hard to find something good on here from rummaging through all the video game parodies.

bloody amazing very deep got me thinking how things are going to turn maybe.. spot on ! <3

We've become creatures of comfort. Anything that looks easy and seemingly obtainable through little amounts of money seems worth having. What gets me is people fall for it... but we do nothing about it and continue to buy into the bullshit we see on T.V.. We have been constricted by the fear of being the scapegoat and have become bitter and reliant on false hope.

Everything I hear now has already been said before on some stupid T.V. show or meme... and I hear something repeated every... single... day. I don't understand what's going on anymore.

Your tag says sci-fi, but what I watched was non-fiction.