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Reviews for "Achromatized"

It seems like a good game, but the level is so huge that I keep getting lost. It's way too easy to fall straight back down to the bottom, often into a color bin so that I not only have to find my way back up, I also have to find the color I wanted to be. A level map would help a lot, and if you want to keep the challenge, make it available only in certain spots (sorta like "You are here"), or only for a minute at a time, with a recharge period before we can check again. The wall-jumps seem a little off somehow, they don't work every time so I keep falling right back down to the bottom. The music is good, it fits the tone of the game perfectly.

This game has the potential to be very awesome. I like it, but there's room for improvement in terms of the vastness of the level(s) and hints. I've been wandering around in this huge area for ages now, very slowly getting forward but then I got really stuck. It just too difficult, and as such with the lack of other action it's rather unlikely to keep me playing longer. Which is a shame.
Other than that, I have no complaints.

Awesome! It has creativity!

I like the minimalistic work in this game. I feel like that it would be better if there were no directions at all and forced the user to learn the controls by trying all the the arrow keys. I also feel that the second room is a little huge.

But over all I felt like I was playing Metroid 2 with the screw attack.

Good work cannot wait for another version

Good game, but how can I unlock that big locker? I'm stuck in there.