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Reviews for "Achromatized"

It is a good game, but i can't find the number code, after you unlock the big door, and what do you need to do with the big switches? I really require help, same for the secret medals, actually all of the medals. Pm me if you can help me out!

was fun until it was just pointless wandering. it would be nice to show what door switches are linked to what color so its not completely blind guessing after I mess up once on a switch.

It was fun but it got really tedious.

Great puzzler, and it took me a while to figure it out, but I eventually pulled through. I am missing three achievements, including the black color.

Quite interesting... but the black color make the game too easy... but maybe the point with this color is to let the player finish the game faster?

Well... a sequel or another game with a larger life time using this system will be interesting...