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Reviews for "Achromatized"

This is really fun. Though the jumps are a bit fiddly. It seems like you keep moving to the left/right after you've let go of the key. It'd be a great game if the controls were better. I have to admit that having to use the arrow keys kind of sucks. I'd much rather use WASD or be able to assign my own keys.

NoLanLabs responds:

Fiddly. I like that word.

I was enjoying playing this game when I realized It was very easy to get lost! It's a very spacious area and a bit hard to keep track of where the color bins are to open the gates. Although it was fun!

levels are too big. Game is boring.

Honestly, it's very confusing, Its all one big level so it's hard to get around. Next time, make individual levels next time okay