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Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

Very well done and very well synched animation a GOOD 3-D animation is hard to come by nowadays and you said you made this in ur college days im curious as to what you are doing now

It's not often we get treated to 3D animated movies on this site.

And wow this was some of the finest 3D animation I've seen on here since Warriors of the Portal in fact I thought it was the same guy...or perhaps at least the same program.

But yeah I love this animation it's smooth colorful and filled with beautiful texture as far as the eye can see. Great job man!

This is simply amazing! Fantastic animation. There were a few slight things that I thought looked a little iffy, for example when the hunted slid on the roof, but overall a simply amazing animation.

nicely done

Am i the only one seeing fading/dubble frames.. like you have the union-skin tool on in flash.
Is my flash player out-of-date?

Besides that.... nicele done

I thought it was amazing! not only have i NEVER seen graphics like that, Everyone keeps talking about the story perhaps its because i read the DESCRIPTION before to know what was happening, It was amazing, so cute. One of my top favourite things i've ever watched. 5 stars