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Reviews for "Johnny Upgrade"

Good game, nothing spectacular

It was a fun and intriguing game, but much too short. I was expecting a litany of different bosses and levels with varying powers to upgrade and new enemies. I enjoyed what little time it took me to complete the game, but I definitely feel like this was a concept that could be further expanded.

Super wha-? Repeating the same scenario to gain ordinary powers (where's the super?). Decent game play and smooth animations (alongside character designs) but I yawned a lil' too much to like much (I'm a big superhero fan, so this is a big letdown... sorry:))

entertaining and creative this game is fun, only downfall is the boss too easy

very good game and i did like it. unfortunately i just dont have the patcience wich is a shame but never mind. anyway in the space of time i did play it i thought it was a fantastic idea though it did glitch up a couple times.