Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"

the song

this is sick. wat band is this.or did u make this urself

Fucking awesome

Just like mastermind777, i also first heard this on platform racing. I'm like, holy fucking shit i love this song out of em all. I downloaded it and look out for it in my youtube channel, jaydellshah. If im allowed, i hope i can use this in a video. Epic music, dude.


I first heard this song on Platform Racing 2. I like this song. I just wish I could understand what was being said...

Does anyone have the lyrics to this? I'd like to know what's being said, because I don't understand a word of this.


I have no idea how this song is so low on the ska list. the number one band up there SUCKS compared to this. this is real ska. this has emotion, idk. it's great. I've been in the ska scene forever, and this is osme of the best unsigned ska I've ever heard!

wish you guys didn't break up, and I wish you were highe rthan that shitty band on top.


i liked wen it sed bitch let it go!