Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"

Not Heavy Metal.

But just as bad ass.
I could rock to this all day.
I know I'm not supposed to though.
It works perfectly for shooting games like MW2.
must make more.


and awesome song wiht an even better beat lol

I think I got most of the lyrics

this one goes out to anyone who crosses me // im gonna ???? ???? when anyone ??? in front of me // did you really think that I wouldnt find out how could you ???? everyone in town // Take the switchblade out of my rephermy? (idk) I put it in your chest or wherever your heart seems to be annd... idk the rest... other than these words that come up :P


I love this song, I found an old car mp3 player I used to use and when I plugged it in to see what I had on it, this was the first song that played. I forgot how much I loved it.


Makes me want to stand up and dance

> <