Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"


you gave ska a new name


This song is incredible I could feel energy rising up inside of me when I listen to this song, and ska doesnt do that to me that much, incredible....

Great song rating HIGH

Great song LOVE it rate 99999 fiddlestiks only 10. I think I heard a swear in it but great song, is there any lyrics because I can't understand a word of the song lol.

best song ever

serously what the f! this song used to have a rating of 4.67 !!! and was number 1 of the ska section!!! whats wrong with you people do you not know class ska when you hear it! this song has rythem this song has beats to die for!!!

Sweetly Sweetness

It's like jazzy rock and it's awesome. I love it cuz it's so in your face