Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"


Wow! I like this song on PR2 so much! But im so sorry your band broke up. It was a delight to hear Switchblade. 10/10!

Switch Blade!

oh lol i downloaded this Song!! it's so awesome!!
i want a remix version :D


ijust incase you didnt know its in plat form racing 2 and alot of other jiggmin games

awsome song

i really did wish you guys would make more songs

Are we ever going to hear something original?

With this and your other songs, it seems like you had the prerogative to start a ska band with a new sound but instead of contributing anything original you just stole directly from your influences. I could probably go through this song and hand pick directly where you got the idea to play any particular part like you did. The only positive parts of your music is when you actually let your bored horn section show off since they seem to be genuinely talented and not copy/pasting from a broad selection of influences.