Reviews for "Burrito Bison Revenge"

You know, as much as I enjoyed this game with its addicting gameplay, great action and good music, I REALLY don't like having my save file deleted when I'm a couple of launches away from earning my last mission and the last medal. Dick move, Juicy Beast. Dick move.

my save file was deleted after beating the game. </3

God this is addicting. I've been playing for two hours now and my eyes hurt.

I love games like this; they snag your attention and they never let it go, and sweet Jesus they are LONG. xD I shall be back for more. Later. I'm going to go outside for a bit.

I adore the sense of speed present here. GOTTA GO FAST! The upgrades aren't just "click to be better lol :D", they all require at least some sort of skill. It sort of reminds me of WarioWare, actually. They're like little mini-games that come fast and furious. Also, I love how the screen shakes + that vapor cone when you're going really fast. Speaking of that vapor cone... I wonder what happens if you go really really REALLY fast. Some sort of... rainbow explosion, perhaps? I can only hope.

i love it really awesome

Best :D