Reviews for "Burrito Bison Revenge"

Possibly the most addictive and fun indie game me or my gf have ever played plz more. also whys it down all of a sudden or is that just me ????

Great game. One question however, is it possible to the beat the final opponent? I have manged to get 5 perfect throws off him, where he grabs you, turns, and then flings you skyward. Yet unlike the cookie and the terminator I have yet to see Burrito bash him down.

The game was awesome! Better than the first one even... except for the lag. Jesus tap dancing Christ the lag! made me want to eat a bullet almost... fix that if you could please and thank you :D

Super addictive!

Amazing game, my only gripe is that the 'level' is rather short, once you're upgraded to move faster. Perhaps extend it even longer...