Reviews for "Burrito Bison Revenge"

time to eat gummies

It is waaaay longer than the first one and it is awesome!!!

Trumps least favourite game (;

AHAHAH FINALLY!! XD Man the grind in this game is so ridiculous, it even came to the point where I simply tried to get a good launch at the start and then let the game play itself automatically without tapping anything, and I was shocked when I saw how effective that was
( Towards the end of the game this method got me all 3 missions at once in one run !! )

Compared to the first part, this one is quite similar to it in most aspects but adds more action and content to the game. But the game was unnecesarily long ( the prequel took me about a day or two, this one almost took me an entire WEEK and I was playing it multiple hours per day 0_0 ).
The game was also lagging a lot but thank god it wasn't entirely skill-based and you could simply skip missions in case your frame rate was too low to achieve some missions ( Five perfect launches in a row? NAH! good luck doing that with 5 FPS )

Also, I feel like the game could greatly benefit from reducing some effects and especially missions ( from 120 > 100 maybe ? ) since it was just TOO bloated with content, up to a point where you just get bored to death and play the entire laggy thing through to get the achievements which were actually neat ^_^

Either way, this was a very epic game experience. I'm happy I beat the sequel , at last...
Launcha Libre up next, I guess ... :^)

A very addictive game like the original, but this is better. The content is big and can give you so much hours of fun.