Reviews for "Burrito Bison Revenge"

High replay value, and constantly getting new gadgets to unlock keeps one interested. Very well done.

Superb sequel! Made enough new additions to keep it interesting, but the original formula that made the first game great is still intact. Survival mode and in game achievements were a brilliant addition, and the new opponents in the ring were a nice touch. I gotta knock you just a little because the save functionality wasn't fixed when I started playing, I did have to restart once. Fortunately the game is fun enough that it doesn't matter!

I had grown rather tired of all those,
"bounce the animal along the level and see how far you can get" games
But Burrito Bison Revenge has won me over.
Great game JuicyBeast!

Good game, but a bit too much like the original.Oh, and guess what was deleted.Yup, my save file

I love the sequel more than original because it isn't the same game (as fun as the prequel was) but it enhances game-play and expands the over all quality like a sequel should. It also makes me feel ALMOST bad about killing the cute little gummy bears bastards.lol