Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

Although I found your re-telling of the story amusing and the artwork to be varied and interesting, I have to question you providing the link to the fanfiction. The joke is that it's bad, right? So you're sharing the link so...what? So more people can harass the author (who's probably 12 or something)?

JonBro responds:

I wanted it to be possible to read the fanfiction by itself rather than in the form of subtitles. There's no way to harass the author with that link as far as I can tell.

Also, I don't know if this means anything, but this particular fanfiction has been out for at least a couple of years. So the writer is a few years older than he was when he wrote the story.

Wow, that sounded almost painful to read. How long was this movie? Hehe, you're a silly guy, and as worn-out as mario and kirby are, now I kinda want to see a slightly more serious movie about a mario-kirby co-op(erative)!

Great stuff, hope to hear more of you painfully speaking for... like 3-5 minutes! Cuz it's funny! you taking one for the entertainment and all!

No seriously, was that all one recording?! Probably not but it kinda sounded like it! xD

JonBro responds:

Through the course of making this movie, I actually used about three full entirely different recordings. None of them were done in one take, though--some of those run-on sentences are rather difficult to read! And the movie is a little over 2 minutes long.
Thanks for the review!

Who ever wrote this script, you won cancer. Enjoy.

LOL i loved how kirby looked when he almost kill yoshi

It's funny, Jon!