Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

Art was simple but nice looking, the voice acting was good, and I loved the sarcastic humor. I sometimes stumble upon crappy fanfics like this and enjoy reading them just for how absurd they are. The contradictions and plot holes are probably the funniest part of this. (They went back where they first met before leaving? :P)

I'd definitely encourage you to make more of these, if you can find another story ridiculous enough but still usable, haha.

Kirby looks soooo cute in the mario hat lol even tho i seen it a million times in SB :D

EPIC !! Loved the narration, really created an interesting atmosphere to the film, made world have destroyed the Genius if their was voice acting instead or narration. DEEP !

That was hilarious, I haven't written a comment in ages, but for those of those waiting for it to load, the wait is worth if, for those of those with good computers and internet, I dare say watch it twice.

LOL the wario part with kirby was SO FUNNY then he dameged wario (1 damage) LOL