Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

my brain has been polished

WOW... that was awesome. this is clearly the most educational thing you can find on newgrounds. there was soooooo much knowledge put into this. though its not very different from the first one but who cares. this was way better than sitting through school and learning this shit in a year. i just learnt it in 15 minutes.

good job man. bloody epic. i never knew shit could go down so small or so big. half the stuff in this project are something im not even intrested in but i still read it.

once again good job. great job. awesome job. FUCKING AMAZING!!!!

Very Fun to Look At

This is a unique system I have not seen before, but I'm glad that I was able to observe this kind of thing. Makes for a great science project or something to show kids in school, thanks for creating this!


Very cool. The first one was good, and so the subtle improvements you've made and the extra content are very welcome.

You did not break what wasn't broken to begin with, good.


Great, an update. Your flash is actually very helpful. Thanks!

Cool Interface, glad to see improvements!

Glad to see you upload this new one! Nice to see improvements over the previous one, both in terms of quality and quantity! It's always nice that many of us learn new fun facts from this, and get a deeper appreciation of our world :D
Your scroll bar interface is pretty neat. It'd be nice if science centres would hire you to make these for their young (and older) visitors. A key to getting folks excited about learning is a fun interface.