Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"


Great, an update. Your flash is actually very helpful. Thanks!

Cool Interface, glad to see improvements!

Glad to see you upload this new one! Nice to see improvements over the previous one, both in terms of quality and quantity! It's always nice that many of us learn new fun facts from this, and get a deeper appreciation of our world :D
Your scroll bar interface is pretty neat. It'd be nice if science centres would hire you to make these for their young (and older) visitors. A key to getting folks excited about learning is a fun interface.


Being a fan of the first version of Scale of the Universe, I find the new entry to be quite an accomplishment. The information linked to every item displayed is very helpful and manages to explain things in a fun and concise way.

Your efforts really paid off. Congratulations.


Still blows my mind! :D I love this thing.