Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

Nice, but...

I really liked the original Scale of the Universe. This time, it felt like you put in a lot of objects just for the sake of having high quantity, without paying much attention to whether you actually have anything to say about them.

Beutiful game!

This game shows all the universe! Awesome game, i really like it.


useful and very interesting!! thank you!

Rediculosly entertaining and educational

Not only was the last one drop-dead epic, but this is so ridiculous! It really puts entertainment and education really well together. I favorited this before i even saw it beause i knew if the first one was great, this had to be shit-in-my-pants great. Badass job. Keep it up!

my brain has been polished

WOW... that was awesome. this is clearly the most educational thing you can find on newgrounds. there was soooooo much knowledge put into this. though its not very different from the first one but who cares. this was way better than sitting through school and learning this shit in a year. i just learnt it in 15 minutes.

good job man. bloody epic. i never knew shit could go down so small or so big. half the stuff in this project are something im not even intrested in but i still read it.

once again good job. great job. awesome job. FUCKING AMAZING!!!!