Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

32 Years ???

"If you meet each person for one second, it would take you 32 years to meet all of them"
hmmm ... is that magic math ?

1h = 3600 sec
1 day = 86 400 sec
1 year = 31 536 000 sec
100 years = 3 153 600 000 sec


first one was better...found some of the measurements and descriptions to be vague or inaccurate, for instance why is Asia roughly the same size as the whole planet earth?

Fotoshop responds:

Remember that the surface area of Earth is much greater than what is visible on just one side.
Looking at the Eastern Hemisphere, Asia seems to span more than half-way across the Earth, even though on a world map, it seems smaller.

Search "Earth Asia" on Google for a more clear comparison.

And besides, the measurements are correct.
The distance from the Middle East to Eastern Russia is close to 8,000 km.
The Earth is about 12,700 in diameter - its circumference is 40,000 km.

i dont even know

Certain things are completely wrong in this.