Reviews for "angry blue jack"

Incredibly difficult. It will take at least 2 hrs to get past stages 10-12. I know that the game was tweaked to make it easier which means I would hate to see what it was like before. I'm sorry but when three stages are easier than the last two there's something wrong. This game looks like it wasnt even tested before release. When a Angry blue jack moves as a result of being hit with a board or rock it should blow up but it doesn't. A direct hit or near direct hit is required to blow it up. This means players will be pulling their hair out trying to hit all 6 with 4 rocks and hoping that a fall from the top level will blow some up which doesn't happen all the time.
I know the last 3 stages have medals worth 100 points but it wouldn't it have been better to lower the difficulty and lower the medal points? Especially since the last three stages are the easiest compared to stages 10-12
Thankfully I am finally done with this.



So Hard!

This game is F*ucking hard! But any way i win! ( Any way, just patient! ). Also i think level 12 is harder than level 13. You should switch place of those two levels or make level 12 easier than before so that gamers like us can be happier!

Great planning

Best plan for success ever: crank out as many mediocre games as possible with in-game ads, add high value medals to keep medal whores coming back for more. Watch the ad revenue pour in. Repeat.

Honestly, you are a role model for entrepreneurs everwhere!

On a serious note, this is the only game of yours that hasn't been a breeze to complete. As with other reviewers, the biggest issue for me is the platforms collapsing before you even fire. On level 11 I literally had to fire within the first second to hit the right-most Jack before he was blocked by rubble. I like your animation style and I am one of those medal whores I mentioned so I will continue to play your games ad nauseum.


wood is harder than stone?

its like angry birds. to be honest, i dont like angry birds...