Reviews for "angry blue jack"

Nice wood

Where do you buy that wood? 'Cos it's like freaking unbreakable, stops flying boulders without breaking sweat etc.

The physics sucks

A nice game, but it's not as good as Crush the Castle - here it seems that you can get a direct hit from the rocks, the scenery or the Blue Jacks themselves and still not get a kill. Don't get me wrong, it's well designed and the stages are quirky, though the game does tend to get a little "samey" along those lines.

There's nothing in here that makes me want to choose this game over Crush, because it has things that your game doesn't - scenery that reacts (various things like powder kegs, fire vials, burning walls and the like), different ammunition, differing sounds for people getting killed and even a plot.

I must pick a hole in Level 11, as how can you hope to get a game that works properly, when as soon as the level starts, the scenery falls apart. I don't necessarily mind this, but I cannot see what I'm shooting at - some sort of mechanic to check what I'm aiming for would also be nice, to allow me the view of a siege engineer, as opposed to some inbred moron, lobbing rocks at the surrounding areas, hoping that they cause enough damage for me to be feared.

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Kept my attention

Fun little time waster. I like how one Jack will die on his own in Level 3 if you just wait.

It's not bad, but....

I'm enjoying the game for the most part, but it's diffidently doesn't seem to be a serious effort by you. It seems more like an experiment, or a learning project (something I'm leaning towards with your other recent submissions)

Still, this is a game, and people play it, and they expect a certain level of enjoyment when they try to play it, not just frustration. The game may be a little to pixel anal when it comes to aiming. The jacks seem a little to tough. It would also have been nice to be able to move the screen to see the jacks/structure. And I'm not sure if it is intentional or not, but some of the structures seem to fall apart before you can let go of the first stone. Lastly, the bombardment of the ads are a bit excessive.

Should have a higher score

It's nice that you managed to create something so authentic to the original "Angry Birds" game. We should have a category listing all tributes to that game here. What I found to also be cool was how good the graphics were. I have played games like this before, but this seemed to have the best gameplay. It's also nice that you included the sound effects and music as well. It does get pretty difficult as it goes on.

At least you were kind enough to give us a medal for every level we completed. It's stuff like that that gives you the sense of having a lot of time to do something. I also liked how it didn't go to the next level right away. I'm guessing all catapult games are going to be compared to "Angry Birds", nowadays. I doubt it was the first of its kind.