Reviews for "angry blue jack"

Always liked Angry Birds, and though this doesn't really compare to the original in matters of variation and physics, it's a good game! Some levels are harder than they should be though, as the rocks sometimes land o ntop of birds without even harming them, and blanks fall on top of them without really touching them, and the projectiles don't really cause as much descruction as they could. It's a fun game, and the medals are rewarding, but it would be nice with some more projectile force, some more destruction, birds that aren't so tough. :) Keep it going!


It's an okay game/

While it is good that the game has levels that takes a lot of tries to win, the difficulty comes from the crappy physics and the fact that Angry Jack can survive the same blows or hits that would kill the pig from Angry Birds, which is rage-inducing. I will not blame anyone who rage quits because of the poor mechanics. The lack of a zoom out feature that allows you to see the level field is quite the killer. This game is more annoying rather than challenging. Given the time spent, providing 100 points for beating the last few levels is not the best idea in the world. Anyhow, thanks for the 620 points, though.


great game..needs a zoom out button.