Reviews for "angry blue jack"

got until ten level

need some patience for the current level, btw why you so overproductive lately fortunacus?

fortunacus responds:

because its my first time doing with physic engine, and i really exclited to make lot of game using physic engine, next month i will make a really unique game

I didnt find any difficulty play this

i wonder why people cannot play until last level on this game???

fortunacus responds:

i dont know, i just make it easy enough

i play it until end!!

cool, i got all medal, but some block falling before i snap it

fortunacus responds:

cool you can finish the game, more sequel will come soon!!!

Pure crap

You got nice graphics and medals, so +2.
All other is just awful. It's unbalanced, there is no variety, so only reason why i continue to play - medals. And they keep me until level 7.
Just look at "Crush the Castle" as example. You can break 'blocks', you got different projectiles with different properties, there is no stupid '3 shots' limit to beat the level and 'enemies' die even from other contact with 'blocks', not only direct hit. And there is no constantly reappearing popups with ads.

fortunacus responds:

level7 is still and easy level to complete, just play it until you find a correct spot

Do you even test these games before submitting?

Seriously, this game is buggy. Stan2e3 pointed out a few issues already, but I had a big problem with the blocks. Most of the time they fall on the little guy and create cover for him that's nearly impossible to break through (especially with the limited amount of ammo you're given). In other games, those blocks would smush the little guy. Not so here. Same goes with the stone you throw at them. Even if it rolls into them pretty fast, they mostly bounce off (both the little guy and the blocks), and nothing happens. I made it up until level 9 where you have to kill 11 guys, but you only get 3 stones and got too annoyed to continue.

A little more effort into quality control and you'd have a decent enough Angry Birds copy. As it stands, this is pretty poor.

fortunacus responds:

all my games are tested and can be finished until last level, please be patient to find a correct angle, some of my games are difficult to play