Reviews for "REW"

awesome and creative :D really fun

You forgot to invite me. Prepare to get turned into trollish things, teddy bears! At first, I thought that he was evil by killing her and that the trolls were security that could get turned into teddy bears.

Very creepy. I thought I was playing the bad guy in the beginning.

Proves that you can never assume anything.

Well thought out, please keep making games!

This was actually pretty cool! The art was unique, the music was fantastically creepy and really set the atmosphere. The game wasn't too challenging, especially when hints were available.

The ending wasn't something I would have guessed starting out, but it wasn't entirely shocking either. But I liked it nonetheless!

Very imaginative! The gameplay is simple, where it shows you all, how to beat it. But I find this game as one of the greatest, beacuse it goes backwards and you have no idea, why this happened or how it started, untill you got to its begining where you can finally find out, how does the story make sense.