Reviews for "REW"


Story is good, you don't know what is what while playing. At the end you find something that is not expectable. But gameplay is not challenging and adventure games shouldn't be this easy...


I liked it but it could have been longer, it took me about three minutes to complete it on my first try. The story was nice, the idea was good, but it could have had some more in it.


As far as a point and click goes, it doesn't rely on any intelligence, just random clicking. Doesn't make that much sense either, seeing as the character walks forwards throughout the whole thing. I did enjoy the concept, artwork and music though. Game dev deserves a thumbs up for creativity!


The music is definitely what adds the creepy feel to the game. 10 stars!

It was ok

It was a nice point and click. I enjoyed the art of it. The thing I found disappointing was that some of the clicking order was based on order of events as opposed to chain reactions. It give it less of a game feel to me.