Reviews for "REW"


i see the old lady was a witch and the mice didnt invite her during their birthday party so she turned them into these weird monster things as a punishment and you had to help them kill her to turn them back. All in all, this was suitably creepy, had fitting music and a good story. i would've given 15 out of 10 if i had the choice. good job!

beyond words

I haven't seen something of this magnitude in quite some time. this seriously captivated my full attention. it has been a while since something really stood out on new grounds, keep up the awesome work.
this was extremely dark, and took me for surprise, i honestly thought it was going to be something completely different.
again, awesome work.

Would be nice

If it played back from the beginning once you do it all

love it!!!!

Awesome game...one of the best i've played.
Very creative also!


I was having a massive slow moment trying to get it, but i finally got it. Awesome job.