Reviews for "REW"

That was an interesting trip through the past.

Wooow , the style of this game made me wanting to finish it ... Seriously original idea , love it !

Amazing game. Great concept. LOVE IT!

The style of art is perfect in this game - cuteness and darkness twisted into a blend. You'll find the background music just as fitting. (It gave me the creeps - I mean, it sounds just like those ending piano tune after a horror movie in the cinema!) Despite being the only one background music you'll get, it's good enough to provide the ambiance needed. And that scream was just ... blood-curdling.

By clicking around, you figure out what to interact with in a specific sequence, finally ending that area with a click on your character so that he can move onto the next place (5 minutes after that area you're in).

Although the game didn't get my full attention (I'm on Facebook right now so that's quite my own fault), I still fully enjoyed the experience of reading a short story told in a rewind version. Each progress made tells a little more why the event occurred, until you get the full explanation of the happening.

It's a fresh idea, though it doesn't pull the player in that strongly with the limited things you can do in it. Regardless, it's for those of you who are celebrating Halloween at home - a pleasant bedtime story for tonight. ;)

Art: 4.5 stars
Sound: 4 stars (limited BGM)
Controls: 5 stars
Gameplay: 4 stars (this includes plot/motivation)
+ 0.5 stars for new take on how the levels progress.
Overall: 5 stars (4.9 stars)

thts reallyy creative!