Reviews for "MadnessEchoCollab2"

it was ok

all around it was good. but there were some people who just couldn't animate


THe collab was ok but every animator in this collab needs to improve in order for a collab to be good, i find that the only good animator was Liuzirui1122.


It is good but. But you need improve, people. More physics.

liuzirui1122 responds:



Why is there so many tests? IT'S NOT A TEST COLLAB. Collab is not that bad, the best was liuzirui1122

this collab is noob as hell

sorry guys, but this is all that i have to say, the only descent parts was from liuzirui1122, the rest was just meh

liuzirui1122 responds:

Thank you very much I'm reflecting much